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Pressure test with the ECS seal of validity for IBC containers

Pressure test with the ECS seal

Pressure test detects errors before they can cause failure during operation. ECS seal on the outlet valve is an original certificate of the test.
ECS-System for IBC containers

Used containers

We take back and performing recondition of used containers. Providing one time same as regular transport.
IBC containers

IBC containers

IBC is the most widely used industrial packaging of a new generation for chemicals, hazardous substances and foods. Supplies, cleaning, service, recondition, …
IBC remanufacturing, recondition


Saving your money - used IBC containers we refit thru our special technology line, we will replace worn parts …
plastic drums

Plastic drums for liquid substances

We supply plastic drums suitable for transport of liquid dangerous substances of packing group I, II and III,…
plastic drums

Plastic drums for solids

Plastic barrels with a detachable lid are the ideal packaging for use with multiple solids …
doubleskin tanks

Doubleskin tanks

Ensure absolute safety. Inside of a plastic tank and external corrosion resistant coats are double the protection. …

Plastic jerry cans

Plastic Jerry cans with a volume of 5-30 liters for transporting and storing the most dangerous chemicals. …
IBC accessories

IBC containers - accessories

A complete range of accessories for IBC containers-drainage valves, protective caps, lids, adapters, installation key, …
Plastic barrels and cans - accessories

Plastic barrels and cans - accessories

One hundred percent reliable closures for kegs and cans of ensure the safe carriage of liquids and kladovanie …
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